March 4, 2024 — OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension. Interface enhancements to accelerate your workflow

At OWOX BI, we're dedicated not only to developing new features but also to refining the interface for existing functionalities. Today, we're excited to share with you the latest improvements to the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports extension interface. While they may seem like minor enhancements, they will prove to be incredibly beneficial for all users.


Project ID added

changelog-2024-03-04-(01) (1).png

In the “Select Google BigQuery project” dropdown, you can now see both the name and the ID of the GCP project, making it easier for you to always find and select the correct project without confusing it by name. The project list can also be searched by both name and ID.


Creating a new Query made easier

changelog-2024-03-04-(02) (1).png

In the “Select a query” dropdown, the option “+ Add new query” is now positioned at the top, immediately after the search field. This significantly simplifies the process for users looking to create a new Query, especially when they have an extensive list of existing Queries.


We're always delighted to work on enhancing our products.

Thank you for using OWOX BI. Stay tuned!

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