January 17, 2024 — OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets extension). Introducing Report Runs counter


Today, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that allows you to monitor real-time Report Runs Lite directly within the Extension interface. This feature enhances your control over data updates in your Google Sheets documents.

Using the Report Runs Lite counter

Under the "Run" button in the Extension interface, you'll find the Report Runs Lite counter. This counter provides you with real-time updates on the number of successful report updates for the current month within your OWOX BI project.


By clicking the 'Show' link, you can expand this block to view more. To go to the 'Credits Consumption' page in OWOX BI click the 'View consumption details' button. Please note that you need to be signed in using the email address specified under the button.

The new Report Runs Lite counter is particularly valuable for teams. It displays the cumulative number of runs within your OWOX BI project, allowing every team member to contribute when updating Google Sheets documents.

Monitoring Report Runs Lite on the FREE subscription

For OWOX BI projects on a FREE subscription, you receive 100 Report Runs Lite per month and can run any Queries in any Google Sheets document. To track your consumption directly in the Extension interface, we've added a progress bar.


When you've used 80 Report Runs Lite, the progress bar changes color, signaling that you're nearing the 100-run limit.


Once you've consumed all 100 Report Runs Lite in your Free subscription, the progress bar turns red. You'll have the opportunity to initiate new data refresh runs once the next billing cycle begins or when you choose to upgrade to a paid subscription.


Monitoring Report Runs Lite on any paid subscriptions

For OWOX BI projects with a paid subscription, the Extension interface now displays the total number of runs used in the current month, as mentioned previously.

NoteThis counter does not show the number of Report Runs Lite already included in your subscription.

Checking your remaining Report Runs Lite

To find out how many Report Runs Lite you have left for this month, you need to know:

  • The number of Report Runs Lite included in your monthly subscription.
  • The number of Report Runs Lite already used this month.

The difference between these two values will tell you how many Report Runs Lite are still available. You can find both of these figures on the 'Credits consumption' page.

At the top of this page, you'll see a message specifying your OWOX BI project's subscription plan. From this information, you can determine the number of Report Runs Lite included in your monthly subscription.


Further down on the same page, within the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Extension for Google Sheets)' section, you will find the total number of Report Runs Lite used in the current month.


If you have any questions about calculating Report Runs Lite or need assistance, consult our FAQ section or contact our Support team at bi@owox.com.

Happy analyzing!


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