July 6, 2016 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Google Analytics Real-Time Data → Google BigQuery. Adding new fields

OWOX BI Streaming

New fields were added to the session streaming schema.

Please note:
Fields hits.eCommerceActionType, hits.pageType and hits.pagePath are still available but will be depricated in future, so please use hits.eCommerceActionType.action_type, hits.page.pageType and hits.page.pagePath instead of them.

Google BigQuery aliasGoogle BigQuery data typeGoogle Analytics dimension or metric
visitNumber INTEGER Count of Sessions
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo RECORD  
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo.adNetworkType STRING Ad Distribution Network (adDistributionNetwork)
trafficSource.adwordsClickInfo.adMatchedQuery STRING Search Query (adMatchedQuery)
hits.isInteraction BOOLEAN Non-Interaction Hit
hits.currency STRING Currency Code
hits.referer STRING Full Referrer
hits.dataSource STRING Data Source
hits.device RECORD  
hits.device.ip STRING IP Override
hits.contentGroups RECORD  
hits.contentGroups.index INTEGER Page Group XX
hits.contentGroups.value STRING Page Group XX
hits.social RECORD  
hits.social.socialInteractionAction STRING Social Action
hits.social.socialInteractionNetwork STRING Social Source
hits.social.socialInteractionTarget STRING Social Entity
hits.page RECORD  
hits.page.pageType STRING Content grouping or a hit scope custom dimension (to collect the data set a parameter on Page type parameter on «Settings» tab of your Streaming pipeline)
hits.page.pagePath STRING Page
hits.page.hostname STRING Hostname
hits.page.pageTitle STRING Page Title
hits.eCommerceAction RECORD  
hits.eCommerceAction.action_type STRING Product Action
hits.eCommerceAction.option STRING Checkout Options
hits.eCommerceAction.step INTEGER Checkout Step
hits.eCommerceAction.list STRING Product Action List
hits.product.impressionList STRING Product List Name
hits.product.productBrand STRING Product Brand
hits.product.productVariant STRING Product Variant
hits.product.productQuantity INTEGER Quantity
hits.product.productCategory STRING Product Category
hits.product.coupon STRING Product Coupon Code
hits.promotion RECORD  
hits.promotion.promoCreative STRING Internal Promotion Creative
hits.promotion.promoId STRING Internal Promotion ID
hits.promotion.promoName STRING Internal Promotion Name
hits.promotion.promoPosition STRING Internal Promotion Position
hits.transaction.hits.transactionTax FLOAT Tax
hits.transaction.hits.transactionShipping FLOAT Shipping
hits.transaction.hits.transactionCoupon STRING Order Coupon Code
hits.transaction.affiliation STRING Affiliation
hits.contentInfo RECORD  
hits.contentInfo.contentDescription STRING Screen Name
hits.appInfo RECORD  
hits.appInfo.name STRING App Name
hits.appInfo.version STRING App Version
hits.appInfo.id STRING App ID
hits.appInfo.installerId STRING App Installer ID
hits.timingInfo RECORD  
hits.timingInfo.timingCategory STRING Timing Category
hits.timingInfo.timingVariable STRING Timing Variable
hits.timingInfo.timingLabel STRING Timing Label
hits.timingInfo.timingValue INTEGER User Timing
hits.timingInfo.pageLoad INTEGER Page Load Time
hits.timingInfo.DNS INTEGER Domain Lookup Time
hits.timingInfo.pageDownload INTEGER Page Download Time
hits.timingInfo.redirectResponse INTEGER Redirection Time
hits.timingInfo.TCPConnect INTEGER Server Connection Time
hits.timingInfo.serverResponse INTEGER Server Response Time
hits.timingInfo.DOMInteractive INTEGER Document Interactive Time
hits.timingInfo.contentLoad INTEGER Document Content Loaded Time
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