April 11, 2016 — OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Add-on. New options / Ability to resize the editor window

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Add-on

  1. Accurate costs in query run statistics

    Using new query statistics parameters billingTier and totalBytesBilled starting from now add-on shows accurate cost of each query run.

    Query cost = totalBytesBilled converted to Gb * $5 per Gb * billingTier

    Previously, query cost was calculated using totalBytesProcessed that is not always equal to totalBytesBilled.

    While estimating query in dryRun mode only totalBytesProcessed is available so add-on doesn't show inaqurate query cost at this stage.

    For details on other parameters affecting query cost see BigQuery query pricing and sample query costs.

  2. Maximizing size of the query editor

    You can have more space editing your queries by clicking fullscreen icon in the top right corner of query editor window.

    Doesn't work for screen resolutions smaller than 1280×800px.

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