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Calculation and updates of the session cost data in the adCost and attributedAdCost fields

Note: Session cost attribution is available only in the subscription plans Reports & Attribution and Enterprise.

In session data tables, the cost data is imported directly from Google Analytics. The total sessions cost is being attributed evenly between sessions according to the UTM tags 'source', 'medium', 'campaign', 'keyword', and 'content' and written to the fields adCost and attributedAdCost.

Note:By default, Google Analytics applies the Last Non-Direct Click attribution model, in which the value of direct visits may be attributed to the last non-direct traffic source. Read more about this.

The adCost field

When all tags are present, the session's cost is attributed evenly between all sessions with the corresponding tags and is written to the AdCost field.

The attributedAdCost field

When one or more tags are unknown, the cost is attributed evenly between the sessions according to the known tags and is written to the attributedAdCost field.

Processed cases:

  1. No 'utm_content' tag — costs are attributed accordingly to 'utm_source', 'utm_medium', 'utm_campaign', 'utm_term'.
  2. No 'utm_term' and 'utm_content' tags — costs are attributed accordingly to 'utm_source', 'utm_medium', 'utm_campaign' and 'utm_term'.
  3. Only the 'utm_source' and 'utm_medium' tags are known — costs are attributed accordingly to these known tags.

Note:To distribute the attributed ad cost to a session, the presence of the 'source' and 'medium' tags is required. If even one of these tags is absent, then costs won't be attributed.

Calculation examples

We know we've spent 100$ (adCost = 100) on sessions with the following tags:

  • 'utm_source' = 'google'
  • 'utm_medium' = 'cpc'
  • 'utm_campaign' = 'spring_sale'
  • 'utm_term' = 'running+shoes'
  • 'utm_content' = 'logolink'

We also know had 5 sessions total with the same values of the tags 'utm_source', 'utm_medium', utm_campaign', 'utm_term', and 'utm_content'.

Since all the tags perfectly match in all sessions, the field AdCost will get the value calculated as 100$ / 5 sessions = 20$.

In this case, the costs are calculated for the attributedAdCost field in the same way:

 'utm_source'  'utm_medium'  'utm_campaign'   'utm_term'  'utm_content'  'attributedAdCost'  'AdCost'
 'google'  'cpc' 'spring_sale'  'running+shoes'  'logolink'  20  20

 Another case: Google Analytics has cost data for 100$ more with this set of tags:

  • 'utm_source' = 'google'
  • 'utm_medium' = 'cpc'
  • 'utm_campaign' = 'sale'
  • 'utm_term' = 'running+shoes'
  • 'utm_content' = 'logolink'

However, Google Analytics doesn't have data on sessions with this set of tags. In this case, the sum of costs of 'google / cpc / sale' will be attributed to all 'google / cpc' sources as (100$ + 100$) / 5 sessions = 40$. But the value in the AdCost field won't change, since this time we don't gave a perfect match by tags:

 'utm_source'  'utm_medium'  'utm_campaign'  'utm_term'  'utm_content'  'attributedAdCost'  'AdCost'
 'google'  'cpc'  'spring_sale'  'running+shoes'  'logolink'  40  20

Data updates

Cost data in the AdCost and attributedAdCost fields is updated every day for the previous 90 days. The data will be updated if the total cost value Google Analytics has changed.

Note that if the tags have changed in your Google Analytics account while the total amount of costs remained the same, the data in the "CostData_" and "owoxbi_sessions_" tables won't be updated. If you need to update the tags, write to our support at

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