About 'Costs Attribution' template


Previously, this template was a part of the Merge Events into Sessions template. But now it is a standalone template.

Note: For using this template you will need customized Merge Events into Sessions and Blended AdSpend + GA4 Cost Data Import template

Below, you'll find a handy list of operations in the transformation template, each briefly described for your convenience. However, if you're eager to get started, feel free to jump into the "How to start" article.

U - GA4 Sessionization (costs)

The first operation in the template. It calculates the fields attributedAdCost, attributedAdClicks, and attributedAdImpressions with data from the BlendedAdSpend table {{ba_table_id}}. The data in the session table is linked to the costs, impressions, and clicks data, and each session receives a certain portion of the cost. More detailed information about the algorithm for filling in these fields can be found in the article, using the example of the attributedAdCost field.

Note:Letters at the beginning of the name of each operation define, in all, what this operation does: 
D (DELETE) - operation with the main task of data deletion; 
U (UPDATE) - operation, that updates some fields in some table or tables; 
A (APPEND) - operation, that adds new data to the table.

D - Data Cleansing

The operation that is responsible for the preliminary cleansing of data for the Data Mart. 
It is turned off by default. 


A - Cost Attribution Check

This operation adds data into a table, that is acceptable for Data Mart. You can copy a dashboard and connect a table to it and see the distribution of costs for sessions. Allows you to understand the level of distribution of costs and whether there are problems with UTMs (for example, when there are costs for certain UTMs, but there are no sessions with such UTM).

How to add Google Big Query table as the Data Source in Looker Studio. 

This operation is turned off by default.


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