About 'Costs Attribution' template


Previously, this template was a part of the Sessionization template. But now it is a standalone template.

Note: For using this template you will need customized Sessionization template and Blended AdSpend + GA4 Cost Data Import template

U - GA4 Sessionization (costs)

This is a single operation in template. It calculates the fields attributedAdCost, attributedAdClicks, attributedAdImpressions with data from the BlendedAdSpend table {{ba_table_id}}. The data in the session table is linked to the costs, impressions, and clicks data, and each session receives a certain portion of the cost. More detailed information about the algorithm for filling in these fields can be found in the article, using the example of the attributedAdCost field.

Note: This transformation hasn't its own destination table, all results will be saved in the sessions table — {{s_table_id}}.

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