How does the Google Analytics → Google BigQuery user behavior data pipeline in OWOX BI differ from the BigQuery Export for Google Analytics 360?

The main differences are the following:

  1. The Google Analytics → Google BigQuery pipeline does not require the Google Analytics 360 account.
  2. Storing and querying processing data collected with the GA→GBQ pipeline is cheaper.
    The pipeline collects hit and session data into 2 tables and the tables contain only necessary information, which significantly decreases BigQuery expenses. The BigQuery Export table for Google Analytics 360 contains over 40 columns with AdSense, Google Ads, DoubleClick, and other data that is rarely required.
  3. With the GA→GBQ pipeline, your hit data appears in BigQuery in 5 minutes.
    The BigQuery Export for Google Analytics 360 can take up to 24 hours.
  4. OWOX BI does not place limitations on the number of hits transmitted or on user metrics, and the allowable hit size is twice as large at 16 KB. This means you get a complete picture of the actions users take on your site.
    Below, you can see the current Google Analytics 360 limits on data collection:
    • 200,000 hits per user per day;
    • 500 hits per session;
    • 200 user parameters and 200 indicators (custom dimensions and metrics);
    • The maximum hit size is 8 KB.

    Data above these limits isn’t processed and doesn’t get into Google Analytics.

In our blog, you can find a detailed comparison of OWOX BI and Google Analytics 360 in terms of

  • data import to Google BigQuery,
  • cost data import to Google Analytics,
  • ad campaigns attribution,
  • building reports,
  • cost of use.
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