Which type of access does OWOX BI require and how to update the access tokens?

To enable the collection of user behavior data, you need to grant OWOX BI access to your data sources:

  • To a View associated with the required property in your Google Analytics account. For authentication, use your Google account with the Edit rights at a View level.
  • To your Google BigQuery project. For authentication, use your Google account that is assigned the BigQuery Data Editor and BigQuery User roles in the Google Cloud Platform service.

If your credentials to Google Analytics / Google BigQuery are changed or you’re asked to re-authenticate in service, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Navigate to your Google Analytics User Behavior Data → Google BigQuery pipeline page:

Step 2. Click the Edit icon next to the required access record:


Step 3. In the opened pop-up, select your current access or add a new one. The changes will be applied automatically.


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