Why does the same Client ID within a single domain have different OWOX User IDs?

As our article says, the OWOX User ID is a custom cookie file generated by OWOX BI using the Client ID and IP hashes. Normally, once this file is written to a third-party cookie, it remains activated on a user’s device for 364 days without any changes. It allows using the same ID across domains and subdomains.

If your statistics show that the same Client ID within a single domain has different OWOX User Identifiers, then consider the possible reasons for that:

  • Your site is getting bot traffic. To overcome your website protection, the bot traffic may come from multiple IPs. As a result, the combination of the given Client ID and a new IP address causes the creation of a new OWOX User ID.
  • The 3rd party cookies are blocked in a user’s browser. In this case, OWOX BI can’t activate the persistent cookie file on a user’s device. And if this user changes the IP address, a new OWOX User ID will be generated for the same Client ID.
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