October 19, 2023 — OWOX BI Streaming. Enhancing Event-based streaming consumption calculation logic for accurate Unique user counts

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We're excited to announce a significant update to OWOX BI's Event-based Streaming feature, implemented to ensure more accurate Unique user counts for events sent via the Measurement Protocol. This enhancement is designed to provide our users with precise analytics, particularly in scenarios where events may originate from various sources, including calls to a call center, offline orders in stores, and other non-web interactions.

What's changed

Prior to this release, the counting of unique users in Event-based Streaming included events sent via the Measurement Protocol, even if their identifiers matched events sent to the Client-side or Server-side OWOX BI access points.

Starting October 12, 2023, we've introduced a crucial modification to the logic of counting unique users in Event-based Streaming. Events sent through the Measurement Protocol are now carefully evaluated based on their Client ID, User ID, OWOX User ID parameters to determine uniqueness. This ensures that events with known values for these parameters are not counted multiple times.

If you have any inquiries or need clarification about the updated Event-based Streaming logic, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us at bi@owox.com.

At OWOX BI, we are committed to delivering products that empower you with accurate and actionable insights. This update is part of our ongoing effort to enhance the functionality of our platform, and we look forward to continuing to support your data analytics needs.

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI.

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