September 6, 2023 — OWOX BI Transformation. Elevating SQL editing experience

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At OWOX BI, we're committed to providing marketers and data analysts with the best tools to simplify marketing analytics and data transformation tasks. We're excited to announce some significant improvements to the SQL editor in OWOX BI Transformations, all inspired by user feedback and suggestions.


Collapse/Expand code parts

Managing long and complex SQL code just got easier. You can now collapse and expand logical sections of your code. This improvement allows you to focus on the specific part of the code you're modifying without being overwhelmed by the entire script.


Monospaced font

Details matter, especially when it comes to code readability. In response to your feedback, we've introduced a monospaced font in the SQL editor. This change ensures that every character and symbol occupies the same horizontal space, enhancing the clarity and consistency of your SQL code.



Indentation with Tab

Efficiency is key when writing SQL transformations. To streamline your workflow, we've implemented the Tab key for indentation. Now, a single press of the Tab key will automatically insert two spaces in your code, making it easier than ever to maintain clean and well-structured SQL scripts.


Auto Highlight Words

Navigating your SQL code just became more intuitive. When you click on any expression in the editor, it's automatically highlighted wherever it's used in the code. This feature simplifies tracking the usage of specific expressions, ensuring that your code remains error-free and consistent.


Smart Scrollbar

Our commitment to enhancing your coding experience doesn't stop at auto-highlighting. We've also introduced a smart scrollbar that complements this feature. As you highlight an expression in the editor, the scrollbar displays marks indicating the locations where the same expression occurs in your code. This intuitive addition makes writing and working with code more efficient than ever.


At OWOX BI, we're driven by our mission to provide the best user experience possible. We're incredibly grateful to our users who actively share their ideas and suggestions, helping us shape the OWOX BI platform to meet your evolving needs.

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI, and we look forward to continuing to support your data analytics journey.

Happy analyzing!

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