May 17, 2023 — OWOX BI Pipeline. End of support cost data import to Google Analytics Universal and add-on Google Sheets → Google Analytics Universal


Google started the migration process from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 a year ago, leading to the sunsetting of Universal Analytics. Starting from July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process new hits. As a result, we will discontinue cost data import to Google Analytics Universal (GAU).


End of Support for Cost Data Import to Google Analytics Universal

Effective July 1, 2023, support for cost data import will end for all Ad services → Google Analytics Universal pipelines (Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Twitter, Criteo, Yahoo! Gemini, AdRoll, Outbrain, Hotline, Trafmag, Sklik) and manual ad cost data input pipeline.

Now you can set up our new pipeline from Google BigQuery to Google Analytics 4 (via SFTP)

And start to import non-Google costs from Ad platforms such as Facebook & Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Twitter Ads into Google Analytics 4.

Create 'Google BigQuery → Google Analytics 4' pipeline

For more information, please reach out to your dedicated support manager or read our solution of importing non-Google costs into Google Analytics 4.


End of Support for Google Sheet Addon in Google Analytics Universal

The addon Google Sheet → Google Analytics Universal will be available until June 30, 2023, due to the same reasons associated with the sunset of Google Analytics Universal.

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