March 31, 2023 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Important Updates about Cost Data Import to Google Analytics Universal for ‘Start’ Subscriptions

As we wrote earlier, we monitor all official info about Google Analytics Universal sunset. Today, we want to share the changes for the ‘Start’ subscription plan and announce important news about import cost data into Google Analytics 4 with OWOX BI Pipeline.

Changes in Cost Data Import to Google Analytics Universal

After April 30th, Midnight PST time, the following pipelines from the Ads service to Google Analytics Universal will no longer be available for the ‘Start’ subscription plan:

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads → Google Analytics Universal
  • LinkedIn Ads → Google Analytics Universal
  • Bing Ads → Google Analytics Universal
  • Twitter Ads → Google Analytics Universal
  • Criteo → Google Analytics Universal
  • Yahoo Gemini → Google Analytics Universal
  • AdRoll → Google Analytics Universal
  • Outbrain → Google Analytics Universal
  • Hotline → Google Analytics Universal
  • Trafmag → Google Analytics Universal
  • Sklik → Google Analytics Universal

These changes will only affect free subscriptions. If you are subscribed to any other plan, such as ‘Marketing Data’, ‘Reports & Attribution’, etc., the cost data pipelines to Google Analytics will continue to work as before.

Automated Google Analytics 4 Cost Data Import

We’re excited to announce the possibility to join the priority list for early access to the new tool we are working on: Automated Google Analytics 4 Cost Data Import, which will be available in April 2023.

This new functionality will allow you to automatically merge your advertising cost data from different platforms and upload it to GA4, so you can analyze your return on ad spend (ROAS) and acquisition cost to make fully-informed marketing decisions.

Early access to these pipelines will be available in April 2023

By signing up for the waitlist now, you’ll get priority access as well as news and updates about all the capabilities.

Get priority access

Here are some of the benefits of using OWOX BI’s Google Analytics 4 Data Upload:

  • Collect non-google campaign performance data from the most common advertising platforms;
  • Transform your cost data into Google Analytics 4-ready format without needing any SQL skills;
  • Automatically upload your cost data to GA4 with no-code.

We believe that the Automated Google Analytics 4 Cost Data Import functionality will help you get even more value from your advertising data.

And if you sign up for the priority list now, you’ll be among the first to access this powerful new tool.

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