Welcome to the OWOX BI Transformation guide, which helps you to set up all features and get analytics-ready data for your reports.


OWOX BI Transformation is a self-service analytics tool to automate routine tasks of preparing and updating data for reporting. Use prebuilt SQL transformations or create your own to achieve any kind of analytics challenges.

Use cases

Data analysts can use the OWOX BI Transformation to:

Why you should build your own solution with OWOX BI Transformation:

Getting started requirements

  • You are using the Google Cloud Platform and have an active project (how to set up GCP).
  • The data you will work with is stored in Google BigQuery.
  • You have access to this data as BigQuery Admin or BigQuery Data Owner in order to share access to the OWOX BI service account (how to share access).
  • OWOX BI Transformation is available in your plan. If you don't see the Transformation in the OWOX BI interface, write to your OWOX manager (

Transformations and Operations

In the OWOX BI interface, you can create Transformations and Operations (inside of Transformation).

A Transformation is a set of one or more Operations grouped by common logic. You can run a Transformation manually or set up triggers for autoruns. Running a Transformation executes the Operation code in the order you specify.

An Operation is a SQL code snippet saved in the editor. This SQL code executes with the Google BigQuery API when the Transformation runs. The query result will be saved to a new or existing table in Google BigQuery. Read more in the article Create and run transformations.

Terms of Usage

Read the terms of use in this article with examples.

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