January 9, 2018 — OWOX BI Attribution. Evaluation of DoubleClick media advertising

Now you can evaluate the contribution of DoubleClick media advertising impressions with the funnel based attribution.

For example, a user visited your website, then saw a media ad, and a few days later visited your site again from another traffic channel and made a purchase.
OWOX BI Attribution will evaluate the contribution of all the user actions based on probabilities of passing through the funnel, even considering the media ad impression that occurred on another website.

The feature is only available in Business and Enterprise plans.

In order to to get started:

  1. Link your Google Analytics and DoubleClick data with DoubleClick Floodlight counter.
  2. Export DoubleClick Campaign or Bid Manager data into BigQuery with BigQuery Data Transfer Service.
  3. Connect the data to your attribution model.
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