December 7, 2017 — End of support for OWOX BI Queries

Due to the declining usage of the OWOX BI Queries, we decided to end support of the product on December 11, 2017.

End of support of OWOX BI Queries doesn't stop support of other services where the queries are used OWOX BI BigQuery reports add-on for Google Sheets and data pipeline Google BigQuery → Google Analytics.

How to manage queries with OWOX BI BigQuery reports add-on for Google Sheets

You can manage all of your queries with the add-on itself.

To add a new query, click “+ Add new query…” in the list of your queries on the right-side menu:


To edit an existing query, select it in the list of your queries and click “Edit”. That opens a convenient query editor — it supports syntax highlighting, auto suggestions, versioning, query verification and data processed volume estimation:


How manage queries of Google BigQuery → Google Analytics data pipeline

Starting on December 11, 2017, all the queries should be managed on the data pipeline page:


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