September 19, 2017 — OWOX BI Smart Data. Reports for non-transactional attribution models

We’ve added reports for non-transactional attribution models to Smart Data. Non-transactional models are the models with a conversion action other than ecommerce transaction, i.e. a page view or an event.

These models have no revenue data, which means that the default reports with revenue and ROI as metrics don’t work for them.

The new reports show the distribution of value and CPA:

  • How are value and CPA distributed to campaigns in the attribution model Funnel Based?
  • How different are value and CPA of campaigns in attribution model GA Last Non-Direct Click as compared to Funnel Based?

Each conversion action is a value unit, distributed over the actions in the sequence. This means that the sum of value in the report corresponds to the number of conversion actions that a traffic source has led to.
CPA means cost per action. It's calculated as Cost divided by Value.

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