August 2, 2017 — OWOX BI Attribution. Using OWOX BI Attribution data for automatic bid management in Alytics

Now you can automatically apply the results calculated by your OWOX BI Attribution model to manage bids in the Alytics system.

The Funnel Based attribution model considers the mutual impact of advertising campaigns. This means that, setting goals based on the model data will help you achieve better overall marketing performance across all channels and not only individual campaigns.

To set up data transfer from OWOX BI Attribution to Alytics, take the following steps:

  1. In the OWOX BI interface, navigate to the “Results” tab in your attribution model. Click on the “Set up data export to Alytics”:
  2. Copy the link on which the data will be received:
  3. Enter the link in the settings of your Alytics project. For more details, see Alytics help center (Russian) or contact
    Exported data appears in Alytics with one day delay.
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