April 6, 2017 — OWOX BI Smart Data. Segmentation by parameters

OWOX BI Smart Data

We've added ability to segment reports based on OWOX BI Attribution data by the dimensions:

  1. User type
  2. Region
  3. City
  4. Device category
  5. User type (based on purchases)

Dimension “User type (based on purchases)” is based on whether a visitor made purchase during last year or not. Other dimensions are based on Google Analytics data.

Also we've added detailing to the keyword level for traffic source dimensions.

This lets you find out revenue and ROAS distribution by Funnel Based model, and compare it with default Google Analytics attribution model within a specific segment with questions like:

  • How are revenue and ROAS distributed to campaigns and user types in the attribution model Funnel Based?
  • How different are revenue and ROI of campaigns and regions in attribution model GA Last Non-Direct Click as compared to Funnel Based?
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