List of event parameters that OWOX BI algorithm adds in the 'event_params' field

Events can contain a list of parameters, which we can split into two groups:

  1. Parameters that are passed strictly with the key name '&ep.*';
  2. Auto-created parameters.

In this article, you can see the full list of parameters that are automatically added by the OWOX BI algorithm in the 'event_params' field:

Name (event_params.key) Description
source Name of the traffic source of the event. If the event has multiple sources, then the data is stored in additional fields following this logic.
medium Name of the medium (organic, CPC, email, etc.)
campaign Name of the marketing campaign
content Value of the utm_content campaign tracking parameter
term Value of the utm_term campaign tracking parameter (keyword)
campaign_id Identifier of the marketing campaign
page_referrer The full referring URL
page_location A page on the website specified by the path
page_title The page's title
gclid Value of the Google Click Identifier (GCLID)
dclid Value of Display Click Identifier
msclkid Value of Microsoft Click Identifier
fbclid Facebook Click Identifier used by Facebook for tracking
screen_resolution Resolution of users' screens
ip IP address of a user device (compatible with Consent Mode)
wbraid Used for web-to-app measurement (for iOS 14+). More details
gbraid Used for app-to-app measurement (for iOS 14+). More details
measurement_id GA4 stream which was used to send an event. More details


Please note, that the 'event_params' field could have additional parameters with the source/medium info on the Event level. Read more in this article.

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