List of event parameters that OWOX BI algorithm adds in the 'event_params' field

Events can contain a list of parameters, which we can split into two groups:

  1. Parameters that are passed strictly with the key name '&ep.*';
  2. Auto-created parameters.

In this article, you can see the full list of parameters that are automatically added by the OWOX BI algorithm in the 'event_params' field:

Name (event_params.key) Description
source Name of the traffic source of the event
medium Name of the medium (organic, cpc, email, etc.)
campaign Name of the marketing campaign
content Value of the utm_content campaign tracking parameter
term Value of the utm_term campaign tracking parameter (keyword)
campaign_id Identifier of the marketing campaign
page_referrer The full referring URL
page_location A page on the website specified by the path
page_title The page's title
gclid Value of the Google Click Identifier (GCLID)
dclid Value of Display Click Identifier
msclkid Value of Microsoft Click Identifier
screen_resolution Resolution of users' screens
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