How GA4 event-based web streaming works with Google Consent Mode

In this article, we describe how the OWOX BI algorithm sends event-based user behavior data into “events_intraday_” tables (data schema) according to the Google Consent Mode.

Previously, Google implemented a consent mode in Google Tag Manager with two new settings for tags: ad_storage (for advertising tools) and analytics_storage (for Google Analytics). Depending on the values (“denied” or “granted”), the OWOX BI algorithm properly processes user behavioral data in compliance with GDPR requirements.

Recording the users’ consent mode status in the 'privacy_info' field

The OWOX BI algorithm writes a value (Yes, No or Null) for the 'privacy_info.ads_storage', 'privacy_info.analytics_storage', 'privacy_info.uses_transient_token' fields at the level of each event.

Google Consent Mode Parameter GTM-tags consent status Values in OWOX BI event tables Description
G100 ad_storage = denied;
analytics_storage = denied;
privacy_info.ads_storage = No;
privacy_info.analytics_storage = No;
privacy_info.uses_transient_token = null
No consent, neither for marketing nor for statistics cookies
G101 ad_storage = denied;
analytics_storage = granted
privacy_info.ads_storage = No;
privacy_info.analytics_storage = Yes;
privacy_info.uses_transient_token = null
Consent to statistical, but not to marketing cookies
G110 ad_storage = granted;
analytics_storage = denied
privacy_info.ads_storage = Yes;
privacy_info.analytics_storage = No;
privacy_info.uses_transient_token = null
Consent to marketing, but not to statistics cookies
G111 ad_storage = granted;
analytics_storage = granted
privacy_info.ads_storage = Yes;
privacy_info.analytics_storage = Yes;
privacy_info.uses_transient_token = null
Consent to both marketing and statistics cookies
Parameter missing or has any other value ad_storage = unset;
analytics_storage = unset
privacy_info.ads_storage = null;
privacy_info.analytics_storage = null;
privacy_info.uses_transient_token = null
Unknown consent


With the raw data collected by OWOX BI, you will always be sure that you comply with the laws and regulations regarding the processing of user data.


PII data processing according to Google Consent Mode

Important!During data streaming, OWOX BI does not cut off users' personal data in the fields like custom 'event_params' and others. Only you manage on your side (including Google Tag Manager, gtag.js, or Measurement protocol settings) which user data will be sent through the OWOX BI access point.

Let's look at two cases:

  • The user has not given consent: analytics_storage = denied’
    In this case, OWOX BI cuts and does not store the following personal data in Google BigQuery:
    • user_pseudo_id (clientId);
    • ga_session_id;
    • ip;
    • owox.user_id.
  • The user has given their consent: analytics_storage = 'granted'
    In this case, the OWOX BI algorithm stores all data in full in Google BigQuery.
  • The parameter gcs missing or has an invalid value
    The OWOX BI algorithm will process the ouid cookie according to the logic described for the analytics_storage = 'granted' case.


Note: The Google Help Center provides instructions on how to set up consent mode in Google Tag Manager.


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