How Are OWOX BI Projects Generated from the Google Sheets Extension?

In a previous update, our Google Sheets extension, 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports,' seamlessly merged into OWOX BI projects. This means that all extension users are now OWOX BI users. In this article, let's explore the straightforward logic behind the creation of OWOX BI projects from the Google Sheets extension 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports.'

The process of generating new OWOX BI projects is fully automated and involves several stages.

Stage 1: The user installs the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports' extension from the marketplace. Upon authorization in the extension, a new OWOX BI user is automatically created if they do not exist yet. If the user signs in using their corporate email, an Organization is automatically established in OWOX BI, and the new user is added to this Organization.

Stage 2: In the extension, the user selects a GCP project from the available list. The system then checks if there is a connection between the chosen GCP project and any OWOX BI project. If no connection exists, it will be established through the Organization (Stage 3).

Stage 3: Verification of the connection between the GCP project and the Organization in OWOX BI. If the authorized user has a corporate email address, an Organization with that email is already created in OWOX BI. The system links the selected GCP project with this Organization.

Stage 4: Establishing the link between the OWOX BI project and the Organization. If the Organization does not yet have any OWOX BI projects, one is automatically created and linked to the Organization. If there are multiple OWOX BI projects within the Organization, then the first OWOX BI project listed will be linked to the selected GCP project.

Result: All Google Sheets extension users migrate to the OWOX BI platform → All OWOX BI users are associated with a specified Organization → Each Organization has connections with GCP projects and OWOX BI projects → The connection between GCP projects and OWOX BI projects is established through the Organization.

If you have any questions about using the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports' Google Sheets extension and OWOX BI projects, feel free to reach out to our support team at


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