Set up collecting email and phone data

Email and telephone dimensions are not supported by Google Analytics, but you can use them to collect personal data from your users in Google BigQuery.


1. If you are using Google Tag Manager, make the following settings to collect email and telephone data to BigQuery

The Value fields here must contain variables to which custom dimensions collect phone numbers and emails from the website.

These may be variables like "Custom JavaScript code" or "Data layer variable", but you can use other types as well. Before publishing the new GTM container version, make sure these variables generate correct values.

How to get values of these parameters is explained in Google Tag Manager Help Center.

2. If you are using analytics.js code on the website, have to use set command: ga('set', "&tel", "+12345678900"); and ga('set', "&email", "");

3. If using Measurement Protocol add following parameters with URL encoded values: &tel=%2B12345678900 and &


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