Request example:


Payload: v=1&tid=UA-12345-1&cid=555&t=pageview&dp=%2Fhome

An example of payload data:

v=1                                              // Protocol version
&tid=UA-XXXXX-Y                                  // Tracking ID / Web Property ID
&cid=555                                         // Client ID

&t=screenview                                    // Hit type: Screenview
&an=funTimes                                     // Application name
&av=4.2.0                                        // Application version
&cd=Home // Screen name (required for mobile properties) &ds=app // Data source &cdXX={clientId}+'_'+{timestamp in milliseconds} // OWOX BI Session ID
&qt=123456 // The time delta (in milliseconds) between when the hit
// being reported occurred and the time the hit was sent

In the GET-parameter of the request, you should specify the &tid parameter — the ID of the Google Analytics property that you’ve specified while creating a pipeline for user behavior data.
The body of the request has to be equal to the same in Google Analytics request (parameters reference).

Also, note that the data sent to displayed only BigQuery only. To send data to Google Analytics you need to make an HTTP request to the endpoint

Please note:
To ensure that the hit you send becomes available in the session streaming tables, you should also send sessionID as a custom dimension in Google Analytics.

Data updates:

The hits sent via the Measurement Protocol will be available in hit streaming tables for the required time if sent with the qt (Queue Time) parameter.

When collecting session data using the Google Analytics algorithm, the hits will only be available in the tables if received within no more than 48 hours since the end of the day in the time zone specified in the Google Analytics view. In this case, the hits will be associated with the corresponding sessions, according to the Client ID and the timestamp sent as custom dimensions.

Please note: In OWOX BI Pipeline, the maximum hit payload size is 16 KB. In case of exceeding this limit, hits won't be processed and sent to BigQuery.
In Google Analytics hit payload must be no longer than 8 KB (Google Analytics Docs).

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