Who has access to your data?

Access to your data is a critical aspect of your experience with OWOX BI. To provide a thorough and accurate response to the question of who has access to your data, let's delve into each data repository separately.

Cost data from advertising services

When it comes to importing cost data, we utilize the OAuth authorization method in the advertising service where it's technically possible. By creating a Pipeline, you configure access to your advertising account using your personal account credentials. The obtained authorization tokens are securely stored on Google Cloud servers, ensuring that OWOX personnel do not have access to them.

Data in Google BigQuery

OWOX BI operates without the need for comprehensive access to all data stored in your Google BigQuery. Instead, you have full control over the specific BigQuery datasets to which you grant access to the OWOX BI Service account, designating it with the 'BigQuery Data Editor' role. To facilitate the collection of cost data, user behavior data, and the preparation of report data, it suffices to create only three datasets (OWOXBI_BlendedAdSpend, OWOXBI_GA4_Streaming, OWOXBI_Reports) and grant access exclusively to the OWOX BI service account. Importantly, OWOX BI does not acquire access to any other data within your Google BigQuery environment.

For transparency, the "Shared datasets" page within OWOX BI provides a comprehensive list of BigQuery datasets accessible to the OWOX BI service account, ensuring visibility and control over the data to which OWOX BI has access.

Data in Google Sheets

Leveraging the OWOX BI Extension for Google Sheets empowers you to seamlessly import data from Google BigQuery into your Google Sheets documents. Retaining full control over access to these documents, you determine who can interact with the loaded data. It's noteworthy that all operations during the data loading process take place securely on Google Cloud servers, ensuring a reliable and controlled environment for your data integration within Google Sheets.

Data in the OWOX BI Project

Within the OWOX BI project settings, the "Access rights" page serves as a centralized hub, presenting a detailed roster of accounts with access to the project. Project administrators wield authority over the access rights of each account, retaining the ability to make necessary adjustments.


Understanding these access control measures ensures a secure and controlled environment for your data within OWOX BI. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at bi@owox.com.


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