Changelog of the 'Blended AdSpend + GA4 Cost Data Import' template

Supported date ranges for custom expenses: Adjusted the 'A - Custom' operation code to support date ranges for custom expenses. Clients no longer need to fill in expenses in the custom expense template on a daily basis. They can now specify a start date and an end date, along with the total expenses, clicks, and impressions. These values will be evenly distributed across all the days within the specified date range. If a client sets the start date equal to the end date, it is equivalent to filling in expenses on a daily basis.

Changes in the Google Sheets template for custom expenses:

  • Renamed the 'date' field to 'date_start.'
  • Added the 'date_end' field.

Example data entries for daily, monthly, two-month, and one-week expense distributions are provided in rows 1-6.

TikTok Data Integration: We've expanded data acquisition capabilities by introducing TikTok data retrieval into BlendedAdspend through the ByRequest stream (operation A - TikTok).

Data Schema Enhancement: Our data schema now includes an INTEGER-type field, changedTime; This field captures the timestamp of data row insertion into the table. In the future, it will prove invaluable for researching spending change periods and addressing client inquiries related to expenditures.

Deprecated Gclid Parsing: We have removed the operation 'U - GA4 Sessionization (gclids from old DT)' responsible for parsing gclids from the old dataTransfer. This operation was deprecated in April and is no longer functional. It's worth noting that all new clients are now using either the new dataTransfer or the ByRequest stream.

Streamlined Gclid Parsing: The operation 'U - GA4 Sessionization (gclids from new DT)' has undergone improvements. It has been renamed to 'U - GA4 Sessionization (gclids from DT)' and enhanced to eliminate the need for specifying 'table_suffix' in cases where a client configures data extraction from multiple MCC accounts into a single dataset.

Obsolete Variable Removal: We've eliminated the variable 'dt_objects_suffix' as it is no longer in use.

Optimization and Streamlining: We've optimized our code by consolidating operations. Specifically, we merged 'U - GA4 Sessionization Step 4' and 'A - GA4 Sessionization Step 5' into a single operation, now named 'A - GA4 Sessionization Step 4.'

Improved Data Flow: To enhance data integrity and minimize issues with data loss and transformation limitations, we've strategically relocated 'D - GA4 Sessionization' closer to the final results appending stage. This ensures that even in scenarios where data may have been deleted, subsequent transformations won't encounter bottlenecks, and new data won't go unrecorded.

The new template added. 

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