Template result: data schema of the final destination table

You will get the data in the table 'BlendedAdSpend' (with partitioning by date field by days) with the schema below:

Field name Type  
utmId STRING The main component of schema, that allows Non-Google costs to be matched with website's traffic. 
More about utm_id.
source STRING The source of the ad costs.
medium STRING The medium of the ad costs.
campaign STRING The campaign of the ad costs.
keyword STRING The keyword of the ad costs.
adContent STRING The adContent of the ad costs.
adGroup STRING The ad group name of the ad costs. Please note that the field is only applicable for google / cpc
date DATE The date is formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.
adCost FLOAT The sum of ad costs.
impressions INTEGER The total number of impressions.
adClicks INTEGER Total number of times users have clicked on an ad to reach the property.
currency STRING The code of a currency.
adAccount STRING Contains info about the source ad account.
changedTime INTEGER Time, when this information was written to table. Can be used for analysis and for some datamarts.
dataSource STRING The source of data.
campaignType STRING The type of ad campaign the costs were spent on.
campaignId STRING The ID of ad campaign the costs were spent on.
campaignName STRING The name of ad campaign the costs were spent on.
adGroupId STRING The ad group ID.
adGroupName STRING The ad group name.
adSource STRING Data source.
pipelineId STRING Internal technical information.
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