Creating a new Transformation

Go to the Workspace page. Click the "New..." button in the top panel and choose the “Transformation” menu item.


1.3. Create a new blank or template-based Transformation. Choose one option from the list in the sidebar:


While browsing the Templates gallery, you can read the detailed template description and see a list of Operations.

After selecting an option, click on the “Create & Setup” button.

Let's look at the Transformation page anatomy. The page consists of the following sections and elements:

  1. The top bar shows the scenario title with control buttons and a button to return to the previous screen.

  2. The tab panel: Run history, Code editor, Used datasets, Autorun triggers, and Info tabs.

  3. The tab content: depending on the selected tab, the content of this tab is displayed in the central part of the screen.

And now you can rename the title, add Operations, add Variables, create Triggers for autorun, and add a description.

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