Run history tab

The 'Run history' tab is the first and default tab on the Transformation page. Here, you will find a sidebar with a list of runs and detailed information about the selected run.



List of runs

The left menu contains the following information:

  • Run status icon:
    • Planned;
    • Running;
    • Done;
    • Failed/Error;
    • Rejected/Canceled;
  • Date and time;
  • Run type:
    • Manually;
    • Scheduled by time trigger.
    • Dependency by trigger.

To update information about running the Transformation, click on the icon.


After manually running the Transformation, the user navigates to the 'Run history' tab, where the current Run status is displayed in the sidebar and automatically updates every 5-10 seconds.


By clicking the "View more" button, you can effortlessly load the next 30 runs, allowing you to track your Transformation journey from the very beginning.


Run details

Detailed information about running the Transformation is presented in three parts:

  • Overall about Transformation: run ID, status, and run time. This information will be helpful when contacting if you have any questions.
  • Short overview of each Operation in the Transformation: run ID, status, run time, and Destination settings. 
  • List of Variables with values. This log section is displayed only if variables have been created and used in the Transformation.
  • Detailed info about each Operation: title, status, Operation ID, time start and end, duration, Operation run count, and Destination settings.
  • Compiled SQL code for each Operation: this code executes through the Google BigQuery API, and it’s helpful for you while you are debugging.

When contacting with OWOX BI Support Team, you can copy the full text of the logs by clicking on this icon:


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