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This transformation uses the results of several previous transformations and aggregates data in one, flat and suitable for dashboard table. 

Note: For using this template you will need a customized Sessionization - OWOX BI Events Streaming template, Blended AdSpend + GA4 Cost Data Import template, Costs Attribution template, and Standard Attribution models template.

Important: For using the dashboard you will need to connect as source this table and attributionCheck table, which is the result of the Standard Attribution Models transformation.

Below, you'll find a handy list of operations in the transformation template, each briefly described for your convenience. However, if you're eager to get started, feel free to jump into the "How to start" article.

D - Data Cleansing

The first operation in the template. It is responsible for the preliminary cleansing of data for the dashboard.

Note:Letters at the beginning of the name of each operation define, in all, what this operation does: 
D (DELETE) - operation with the main task of data deletion; 
A (APPEND) - operation, that adds new data to the table.

A - CMO Dashboard

This operation adds data into a table, which is acceptable for the dashboard. You can copy a dashboard template and connect a table to it and get a perfect all-in-one dashboard for data analyzing, getting insights, and other marketing efforts: 

How to add Google Big Query table as the Data Source in Looker Studio. 


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