Introduction to the OWOX BI Workspace

What is OWOX BI Workspace

The Workspace is the main interface of the OWOX BI platform. After authorization, you land on this page and start working on the product. First, we suggest you create your new Pipeline, then Streaming, and finally, Transformations.


After setting up everything you need in the OWOX BI, on the workspace you will find all Fully-managed pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations in your OWOX BI project.



How it works

Here you can choose one of two views: Diagram and List. The Diagram view is opening by default. Use this switcher to change the Workspace view.



Diagram view

The Diagram view presents an automatically generated diagram that visualizes the interactive data flow of your project items. This provides a comprehensive overview of your project, allowing you to easily identify and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Data flow elements

Depending on the list of configured Fully-managed pipelines, the diagram shows the following elements:

  • Blocks with an advertising service icon and the name;
  • Blocks with a Google Analytics icon and a Web Property name, where costs are imported;
  • Blocks with a Google BigQuery icon and the project's and dataset's names.
  • Blocks with the Web Property name specified in the hit streaming settings.
  • Blocks with the Pipeline title.
    OWOX BI Pipeline on Workspace
  • Blocks with the Streaming title.
    OWOX BI Streaming on Workspace
  • Blocks with the Transformation title.
    OWOX BI Transformation on Workspace


Data flow types

OWOX BI Workspace (beta version) shows data flow from ad services. Elements in the diagram are connected by arrows that indicate the direction of data flow.


Other diagram features

  • Scrolling and scaling the diagram.
  • Displaying entities' statuses.
  • Opening Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations from the Workspace page. Hover over a block and click the 'Open' button.
    Open button
  • All blocks on the diagram are clickable. Click on a block to highlight the entire data chain.
    Data flow on OWOX BI Workspace
  • Some blocks may be repeated on the Workspace diagram to show you the actual and correct data flow. For example, Google BigQuery dataset with 'owoxbi_sessions_' tables.
    Some blocks may be repeated on the Workspace


List view

In the List view, you'll find three sections: Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations. Each section contains a table that displays detailed information in columns.

List of Pipelines


The list of Pipelines contains the info below:

  • Title of the Pipeline;
  • Source;
  • Destination;
  • Last activity;
  • Status.


List of Streams


The list of Streams contains the info below:

  • Title of the Streaming;
  • Source;
  • Destination;
  • Last activity;
  • Status.


List of Transformations


The list of Transformations contains the info below:

  • Title of the Transformation;
  • Last run type;
  • Last run time;
  • Last run status.

By clicking on any row in the list, you can effortlessly access the dedicated details page for the selected Pipeline, Streaming, or Transformation configuration. This streamlined workflow allows for effective troubleshooting, optimization, and management.

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