How does OWOX BI Workspace work (open beta)

OWOX BI Workspace is now available for free in open beta status for any OWOX BI project. Feel free to share your feedback with us at

About OWOX BI Workspace interface

OWOX BI Workspace Demo project

The OWOX BI Workspace interface displays an interactive data flow diagram. This diagram is built automatically and visualizes all Fully-managed pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations in your OWOX BI project. Therefore, here you can get a complete overview of what is going on and see if there are any problems in your project.

Click on Workspace in the sidebar to open the diagram:


If you don't have a pipeline in your project yet, then you will see a message on this page.

Empty Workspace

Please, create your first Fully-managed Pipeline/Streaming or Transformation. Click on the 'New...' button and choose what you want to create.

Create new on the Workspace


Data flow elements

Depending on the list of configured Fully-managed pipelines, the diagram shows the following elements:

  • Blocks with an advertising service icon and the name;
  • Blocks with a Google Analytics icon and a Web Property name, where costs are imported;
  • Blocks with a Google BigQuery icon and the name of the project and dataset.
  • Blocks with the Web Property name specified in the hit streaming settings.
  • Blocks with the Pipeline title.
    OWOX BI Pipeline on Workspace
  • Blocks with the Streaming title.
    OWOX BI Streaming on Workspace
  • Blocks with the Transformation title.
    OWOX BI Transformation on Workspace


Data flow types

OWOX BI Workspace (beta version) shows data flow from ad services. Elements in the diagram are connected by arrows that indicate the direction of data flow.


Diagram features

  • Scrolling and scaling the diagram.
  • Displaying entities' statuses.
  • Opening Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations from the Workspace page. Hover over an block and click the 'Open' button.
    Open button
  • All blocks on the diagram are clickable. Click on a block to highlight the entire data chain.
    Data flow on OWOX BI Workspace
  • Some blocks may be repeated on the Workspace diagram to show you the actual and correct data flow. For example, Google BigQuery dataset with 'owoxbi_sessions_' tables.
    Some blocks may be repeated on the Workspace


Which OWOX BI users can access Workspace

The data flow diagram in the OWOX BI Workspace interface is available in open beta for all OWOX BI projects without restrictions.

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