Data schema for 'events_intraday_' table


Streamed data is separated into tables by days. The table naming is 'events_intraday_YYYYMMDD'.

NoteThis table schema is fully compatible with the table schema from native GA4 → BigQuery export.


Each event is written in a separate row.


The table contains all of the following columns.

Field name Type Description STRING  
app_info.firebase_app_id STRING  
app_info.install_source STRING  
app_info.version STRING  
device.category STRING  
device.mobile_brand_name STRING  
device.mobile_model_name STRING  
device.mobile_marketing_name STRING  
device.mobile_os_hardware_model STRING  
device.operating_system STRING  
device.operating_system_version STRING  
device.vendor_id STRING  
device.advertising_id STRING  
device.language STRING  
device.time_zone_offset_seconds INTEGER  
device.is_limited_ad_tracking BOOLEAN  
device.web_info.browser STRING  
device.web_info.browser_version STRING  
device.web_info.hostname STRING  
stream_id STRING  
platform STRING  
user_first_touch_timestamp INTEGER  
user_id STRING  
user_pseudo_id STRING  
user_properties.key STRING  
user_properties.value.string_value STRING  
user_properties.value.int_value INTEGER  
user_properties.value.double_value FLOAT  
user_properties.value.float_value FLOAT  
user_properties.value.set_timestamp_micros INTEGER  
user_ltv.revenue FLOAT  
user_ltv.currency STRING STRING  
traffic_source.medium STRING  
traffic_source.source STRING  
geo.continent STRING  
geo.sub_continent STRING STRING  
geo.region STRING  
geo.metro STRING STRING  
event_date STRING  
event_timestamp INTEGER  
event_previous_timestamp INTEGER  
event_name STRING  
event_params.key STRING  
event_params.value.string_value STRING  
event_params.value.int_value INTEGER  
event_params.value.double_value FLOAT  
event_params.value.float_value FLOAT  
event_value_in_usd FLOAT  
event_bundle_sequence_id INTEGER  
event_server_timestamp_offset INTEGER  
ecommerce.total_item_quantity INTEGER  
ecommerce.purchase_revenue_in_usd FLOAT  
ecommerce.purchase_revenue FLOAT  
ecommerce.refund_value_in_usd FLOAT  
ecommerce.refund_value FLOAT  
ecommerce.shipping_value_in_usd FLOAT  
ecommerce.shipping_value FLOAT  
ecommerce.tax_value_in_usd FLOAT  
ecommerce.tax_value FLOAT  
ecommerce.transaction_id STRING  
ecommerce.unique_items INTEGER  
items.item_id STRING  
items.item_name item_name  
items.item_brand STRING  
items.item_variant STRING  
items.item_category STRING  
items.item_category2 STRING  
items.item_category3 STRING  
items.item_category4 STRING  
items.item_category5 STRING  
items.price_in_usd FLOAT  
items.price FLOAT  
items.quantity INTEGER  
items.item_revenue_in_usd FLOAT  
items.item_revenue FLOAT  
items.item_refund_in_usd FLOAT  
items.item_refund FLOAT STRING  
items.affiliation STRING  
items.location_id STRING  
items.item_list_id STRING  
items.item_list_name STRING  
items.item_list_index STRING  
items.promotion_id STRING  
items.promotion_name STRING  
items.creative_name STRING  
items.creative_slot STRING  
privacy_info.ads_storage STRING  
privacy_info.analytics_storage STRING  
privacy_info.uses_transient_token STRING  
owox.event_id STRING Unique ID of each event set by OWOX BI. And it’s used for correct system work and deduplication.
owox.user_id STRING OWOX BI user identifier taken from the custom cookie file ouid that contains a unique anonymous ID.
owox.request_source STRING The source of the incoming request to OWOX BI access point. Possible values: Measurement Protocol, Client Side.
owox.is_bot BOOLEAN The field would get a ‘true’ value if the event was generated by a bot. Or returns 'false' if a real user generates the event.
debug_info.pipeline_id STRING Unique ID of pipeline in OWOX BI.
debug_info.request_id STRING Unique ID of each request set by OWOX BI. May contain more than 1 event.
debug_info.timezone STRING The selected timezone in the pipeline.
debug_info.raw_request STRING Contains technical info. It helps OWOX BI specialists fix technical issues in case they occur. PII data were excluded according to Consent Mode.

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