Adjust → Google BigQuery: data schema

Adjust data is imported to one Google BigQuery table.


Filed Type
created_at_milli FLOAT
received_at TIMESTAMP
reattributed_at TIMESTAMP
time_to_uninstall TIMESTAMP
time_to_reinstall TIMESTAMP
uninstalled_at TIMESTAMP
reinstalled_at TIMESTAMP
last_session_time TIMESTAMP
connection_type STRING
network_type STRING
click_attribution_window FLOAT
impression_attribution_window FLOAT
reattribution_attribution_window FLOAT
gps_adid STRING
match_type STRING
device_name STRING
device_type STRING
os_name STRING
platform STRING
sdk_version STRING
os_version STRING
nonce STRING
random_user_id STRING
environment STRING
event STRING
session_count FLOAT
lifetime_session_count FLOAT
is_reattributed FLOAT
is_imported FLOAT
deeplink STRING
partner_parameters STRING
revenue_float FLOAT
currency STRING
reporting_revenue FLOAT
reporting_currency STRING
cost_type STRING
cost_amount FLOAT
cost_currency STRING
reporting_cost FLOAT
event_name STRING
device_manufacturer STRING
hardware_name STRING
orderId STRING
installed_at TIMESTAMP
att_status FLOAT
cost_id_md5 STRING
reftag STRING
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