Welcome to the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets Extension) guide, which helps you set up all features and get analytics-ready data for your reports.

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BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets Extension) is a part of the OWOX BI platform, and you need to install the extension from the official Google Workspace Marketplace.

Core features

 This extension allows you to do the following:

Getting started requirements

  • You are using the Google Cloud Platform and have an active project (how to set up GCP).
  • The data you will work with is stored in Google BigQuery.
  • To import data from BigQuery to Google Sheets, you need the following minimum required roles: BigQuery Job User (at the project level) and BigQuery Data Viewer.
  • To import data from Google Sheets to BigQuery, you need either the BigQuery Admin or BigQuery Data Owner roles.
  • OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets Extension) is available in your subscription.

Terms of Usage

Read the terms of use in this article with examples.


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