What types of campaigns are supported in the Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline

The Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline imports cost data on the following campaign types:

  • Text & Image Ads
  • Smart banners
  • Dynamic ads
  • Ads for mobile apps
  • Search banner
  • Display campaign
  • Display campaign with deals
  • Display campaign on the Home page
  • Campaign with fixed СРМ
  • Campaigns created via Campaign Wizard

Read more about these campaign types in Yandex documentation.


The next features are not supported due to the Yandex.Direct API limitations:

  • Retrieving the UTM tags on the "Search banner", "Display campaign with deals", and "Display campaign on the Home page" campaign types. Yet, you can define the default values for UTM source/medium in your pipeline settings (see paragraph 7 of the instructions).
  • Retrieving the AdId and AdGroupId values for campaigns created via the Campaign Wizard.

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