Why is there a data discrepancy between Ad Account and Google BigQuery?

Reasons for the data discrepancy

The Ad service → Google BigQuery pipeline automatically and regularly imports data from your ad account to Google Analytics. Also, OWOX BI actualizes data to keep it fresh and valid. Yet, the discrepancy up to 2% might be expected that is caused by the following reasons:

  1. An ad service may apply the rounding rules to the advertisement costs.
    The usage of rounding rules either at a campaign or an API level may cause data discrepancies between ad accounts and Google Analytics.
  2. OWOX BI can’t get the exact currency of your ad account via an ad service’s API.
    The ad service’s API may not provide OWOX BI with information about the currency used in the ad account. That is why OWOX BI requests the costs in a default currency (for example, USD). If the currency used by OWOX BI differs from the currency in your ad account, then the currency conversion based on API’s conversion rate might occur. As a result, you may face data discrepancies between your ad account and Google Analytics.
  3. You specify an additional currency in your pipeline settings.
    In this case, OWOX BI automatically converts imported costs into this additional currency based on the API Open Exchange Rates.
  4. An ad service may update information in an ad account retrospectively.
    It can be that the ad service automatically cleans the statistics from bot activity, false clicks, etc. for the previous periods. As a result, you may notice the data discrepancy between the ad account and Google Analytics. To prevent this kind of data discrepancy, OWOX BI actualizes data within a preset period.

Monitoring of data discrepancy

OWOX BI automatically tracks data discrepancies between your ad account and Google BigQuery. You can see the statistics on the Data monitoring page.

The Data monitoring service is available for all the Ad service → Google BigQuery pipelines, except Facebook → Google BigQuery and LinkedIn → Google BigQuery.

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