Why do you need to provide the default values for UTM source/medium in pipeline settings?

The current article is valid for Facebook→Google BigQuery, Linkedin→Google BigQuery, and Linkedin→Google Analytics pipelines only.
If you set up a pipeline from Criteo, please read this article.

To attribute ad cost to user sessions, the source/medium values in the OWOX BI pipeline must correspond to UTM tags in your ad account. Yet, in some cases, OWOX BI may not get the exact value for the source/medium that was used during a digital ad displaying. For example, when:

  • UTM tags are not provided in your ad account;
  • UTM tags are provided incorrectly;
  • an unsupported type of short links is used;
  • a specific ad type is used for which the UTM tags cannot be retrieved through an ad service API.

It all leads to UTM tags differences in your ad service and Google Analytics / Google BigQuery. As a result, data discrepancy occurs during the session cost calculation.

To prevent this scenario, you can specify the default values for source/medium in your pipeline settings (see the options below). These values will be used by OWOX BI if the actual UTM tags cannot be retrieved.

  • At step 6 of the new pipeline creation funnel.


  • By editing an existing pipeline Settings. Note, the changes will be applied to the newly imported data. Historical data will be updated with the new source/medium values within the preset actualization window only. Follow the provided links to read more about data actualization in the pipelines to Google BigQuery and Google Analytics.


ImportantThe combination of values google/organic for UTM source/medium is not allowed in Facebook→Google BigQuery, Linkedin→Google BigQuery, and Linkedin→Google Analytics pipelines.

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