Collection of facebook browser id (fbp) into session tables

If you create the audience segment based on the user behavior data, you should also set up a collection of the facebook browser id (fbp) into the session tables.

Collection of the facebook browser id (fbp) is required for the Google BigQuery → Facebook Audience pipeline with the “User behavior data” type selected.

Learn how to set up the _fbp collection via the Google Tag Manager below.

Step 1. In Google Tag Manager, create a custom variable of the 1st Party Cookie type and provide its value as " _fbp"


Step 2. In the Custom variable list, find the variable with Google Analytics ID that you use to send data to Google Analytics.image2.png

Step 3. To that variable, add a newly created variable as Custom dimension. Define the index value that is not used yet.image3.png

Step 4. Save the variable and publish your container.

With the following update of the session tables, the facebook browser ids become available under the relevant indexes in the customDimensions.value field.

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