How to change currency in your Ad service → Google BigQuery pipeline

The Ad service → Google BigQuery pipelines (except pipelines from Facebook, and LinkedIn) upload ad cost data into two separate fields in your BigQuery data table. One field contains costs in the original currency — just as they appear in the Ad service. The other field contains costs converted into the currency you select when creating the pipeline.

The converted costs are useful for reports where you need to have cost data from different sources presented in a uniform currency.

The conversion currency is displayed on the pipeline page:AdServices_GBQ_Currency_en.png

How to change the conversion currency?

The conversion currency can be selected only during a pipeline's creation. If you need to change the currency in an already created pipeline, you have to delete the pipeline, and then re-create it with the exact same settings only choosing the conversion currency you need.

The data uploaded by the pipeline to date remains in your Google BigQuery dataset, and if you choose to upload data to the same dataset, the new pipeline will resume data collection into the same data table.

Meanwhile, the data previously uploaded by the deleted pipeline will not be altered or duplicated but will be updated with the historical data updates.

If — after re-creating the pipeline — you need to update historical data considering the changed currency for a longer period, write to us at

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