Troubleshoot the transaction data discrepancies

The transaction data discrepancy may be caused by a misconfiguration or by peculiarities of the related services work. Check out the possible reasons for data discrepancy and find the appropriate solution for your case.

Measurement Protocol settings

  • Discrepancy reason: when you submit your MP request, Google Analytics records a transaction hit if it contains a unique actionField object. It means that out of two (or more) hits with the same parameter values in the actionField object, only one hit will be recorded by GA. While OWOX BI records all the transaction hits regardless of the received parameter values in the actionField object.
    Solution: Send the unique parameter values in the actionField object per transaction hit. For example, you can do it by entering different values for Revenue, Tax, or Affiliation in each actionField object.
    You can check the number of transactions collected to the BigQuery tables using these SQL requests.

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