The acceptable level of a data discrepancy

After you identify data discrepancy between OWOX BI and Google Analytics, compare it to the acceptable discrepancy level:

  • within 2% for the hit data;
  • within 3.5% for the session data

Discrepancies that fit the limits above can be neglected.

Also, discrepancies are acceptable in the following cases:

  • If the amount of data processed by OWOX BI is larger than in Google Analytics.
    OWOX BI doesn’t have the same limitations as GA does, and the max size of a hit processed by OWOX BI is 16KB compared to GA’s 8KB limit. So it’s normal that OWOX BI collects more data.
  • If OWOX BI collects more sessions than Google Analytics. Session data is based on the hit data. So if GA misses some events it collects fewer sessions.

In any other cases, it is recommended to identify the discrepancy reasons and fix them. To do it, please follow our checklist below:
Troubleshoot the hit data discrepancies
Troubleshoot the transaction data discrepancies
Troubleshoot the session data discrepancies
Troubleshoot the ad cost data discrepancies

If you need assistance, contact our Support at or via online chat. To prompt the processing of your request, please provide with the following access:
in Google Analytics, Read & Analyze permissions
in Google BigQuery, BigQuery User or BigQuery Job User roles
in Google Tag Manager, User account permission

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