AppsFlyer → Google BigQuery data collection troubleshooting

If you face issues with the AppsFlyer data importing (for example, some data is missing or data import is interrupted), it is important to timely identify and resolve the reasons for that. Please read our recommendations on this matter below.

Step 1. Check your pipeline status in OWOX BI

To import data, your pipeline must be Active.

  • Navigate to the Pipeline tab, then check your pipeline status in the Status column of the pipeline grid. Alternatively, you can see the status next to the data source/destination details on the pipeline page. 
  • If your pipeline is active, proceed with Step 2 of the current instructions.
  • If your pipeline is blocked, go to the pipeline page and click Activate, then follow the instructions in the Required actions window. 

Note, if your pipeline is blocked, all the events, that are sent to OWOX BI via AppsFlyer Push API, might get error 403.
Information about responses for PUSH API events is not available in your AppsFlyer account, yet it can be requested from AppsFlyer support.

Step 2. Check your AppsFlyer account settings 

On the AppsFlyer dashboard, in the left-side menu, select Integration > Access, then go to Push API:

  • Make sure the Push API version field has 2.0 selected, the Postback URL from your pipeline page is entered, and the Data Selection section has boxes checked as it's shown in the screenshot below:


  • If you need to collect data on the other events (Re-engagement, Re-attribution, Re-engagement In-App Events, Re-attribution In-App Events), ensure those are also selected.

If your pipeline is active and your AppsFlyer account settings are correct but you still face issues with data collection, contact AppsFlyer support for further investigation.

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