TrafMag → Google BigQuery: Data schema

Field name  Data type Description
source STRING Value of the utm_source campaign tracking parameter
medium STRING Value of the utm_medium campaign tracking parameter
campaign STRING  Value of the utm_campaign campaign tracking parameter
campaignName STRING Name of an ad campaign
keyword STRING  Value of the utm_term campaign tracking parameter
utm_id STRING What is UTM ID
adContent STRING Value of the utm_content campaign tracking parameter
adCost FLOAT The estimated total amount of money spent on the ad throughout the date. Show costs converted into the currency chosen during the pipeline creation.
adClicks INTEGER The number of clicks on your ads
impressions INTEGER The number of times your ads were viewed
destinationUrl STRING  
debugInfo STRING This field contains technical info on the pipeline's work. This info helps OWOX BI specialists fix technical issues in case they occur to the data import.
vat FLOAT Value-added tax excluded from adCost
date DATE All metrics are grouped by date, which is shown by this column.
currency STRING Currency into which the pipeline converts advertising costs
originalAdCost FLOAT The estimated total amount of money you've spent on your ad during the day in the original currency
adAccount STRING Advertising service account name
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