June 26, 2020 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Google BigQuery → Yandex.Audience pipeline: upload hashed audience data

Now, if you need to upload hashed data into a Yandex.Audience segment, you can manage it in the OWOX BI interface while you create the pipeline.

To enable your pipeline to upload hashed data, just enable the Hashed data checkbox at the final step of the Google BigQuery → Yandex.Audience pipeline creation:Create_pipeline_BQ-YA_8-1_en__1_.png

You won't be able to change this setting for a pipeline that's already created. The selected type of uploaded data is displayed on the pipeline page:Create_pipeline_BQ-YA_12_en__1_.png

Important:Before creating the pipeline, make sure all the data you want to upload from Google BigQuery is hashed in MD5. Read more about file requirements in Yandex documentation.


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