May 29, 2020 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Track the quality of your Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline data in Data Monitoring

Starting today, all the info about your Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipelines is visualized on the Data Monitoring page — along with the rest of your ad cost data pipelines.

What Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline data is currently available in Data Monitoring:

  • The info about the data uploaded starting from May 26, 2020. 
  • Аd costs, data discrepancies, and data upload and update times. The UTM tag error notifications and other alerts will be added with the upcoming updates.

You can view the data import statistics in the Yandex.Direct source group:AdEx_data_monitoring_en__1_.png

What is OWOX BI Data Monitoring

Data Monitoring constantly checks the integrity and relevance of the ad cost data that OWOX BI exports from advertising platforms to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery.

On a single page, you can quickly get daily statistics on all the cost data pipelines in your OWOX BI project and the information about cost data import statuses for any day.

The Data Monitoring page is accessed via the new side menu item:Data_monitoring_on_dashboard_en.png

Read more about Data Monitoring

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