May 1, 2020 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery officially released

On May 1, 2020, the Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline has left the open beta phase and is now available on the Marketing Data, Reports&Attribution, and Enterprise subscription plans.

The pipeline can upload any volume of high granularity data from a Yandex.Direct ad account into your Google BigQuery partitioned data table and keeps the uploaded data updated within 21 days.

Pipeline features

Collecting all the data from your ad account

Unlike our Yandex.Direct → Google Analytics pipeline that collects only five UTM tags along with cost, click, and impressions data, the Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery collects a lot more additional data that allows a more flexible ad campaign analysis.

Working with data from several ad accounts

The pipeline can collect data from more than one ad account into a single partitioned table, so you won't need to match data from several accounts manually.

Stable upload of large amounts of data

The pipeline uploads fresh data daily for the previous day and can smoothly upload up to gigabytes of data per day.

Historical data actualization

All the data uploaded to Google BigQuery are kept up-to-date within 21 days after the initial upload. If the data in the ad account has changed retrospectively, OWOX BI will update the data in your BigQuery accordingly.

When you create a Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline, it will also automatically upload to BigQuery all the historical data available in your ad account.

More about how to create the pipeline.

How the pipeline is billed

The Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline is billed by the same conditions as the ad cost data pipelines to Google Analytics: if the pipeline has uploaded at least 1 byte of data within the billing period, it will be billed.

The pipeline is available only on the Marketing Data, Reports&Attribution, and Enterprise subscription plans.

Note: If you had been testing the Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipeline for free during the open beta phase and your OWOX BI project is not subscribed to the Marketing Data, Reports&Attribution, or Enterprise plan, then starting May 1, 2020, all the Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery pipelines in your project become blocked. However, all your previously uploaded data is still in your Google BigQuery.
To activate the blocked pipelines and resume collecting the data, you need to subscribe to one of the plans mentioned above. More about subscription plans.

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