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Build Smart Data reports using email campaign data from your mailing service collected to Google BigQuery manually.

To add email data to your reports, you need to connect to your Smart Data source set a table with the following structure:

Field name Data type Description
click INTEGER Number of clicks on the email
open INTEGER Times the email was opened
unsubscribe INTEGER Times a user unsubscribed from this email
spam_complaint INTEGER Times a user made a spam complaint to this email
delivery INTEGER Times the email was delivered
send INTEGER Times the email was sent
bounce INTEGER Times a user bounced from this email
hard_bounce INTEGER Times a user had a hard bounce from this email
сampaign_name STRING Email campaign name
сampaign_id STRING Email campaign id
utm_source STRING Email source
utm_medium STRING Email medium
utm_campaign STRING Email campaign
utm_adcontent STRING Email Ad content
utm_keyword STRING Email keyword


All fields are required to be in the table you connect, but they can have empty values.

We recommend naming the table with your email service's name to distinguish it among other data sources in Smart Data more easily.

Note:In a Smart Data source set, you can unite the data from BigQuery datasets located in a single multi-regional location only (example: US).

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