Limitations in working with Google Analytics properties for the subscription plan "Start"

The free subscription plan "Start" lets you create one cost data pipeline from an ad service to one Google Analytics property.

OWOX BI allows more than one OWOX BI project to upload ad cost data into a single Google Analytics property. However, the projects with the "Start" subscription plan can't upload data to the properties that are being used are were used before in other existing OWOX BI projects.

This means that after an ad cost data pipeline is created in any OWOX BI project, the Google Analytics property used in this pipeline is automatically linked to this project. Once it's done, no project on the "Start" subscription plan can't use this property to upload data to.

This limitation doesn't apply to the OWOX BI projects with any paid subscription activated as well as to trial projects.

What you can do if the property you need is already linked to another OWOX BI project

If a project on the "Start" subscription has a pipeline created using the property already linked to another OWOX BI project, the pipeline will be blocked and you'll be able to see this message on the pipeline page:property_connected_to_another_project_message_en.png

Here's what you can do in order to activate the blocked project.

  • Upgrade your subscription plan

Click Upgrade plan and choose the plan that fits your needs most: Marketing Data, Reports & Attribution, or Enterprise.

After you confirm the payment method, the pipeline will be activated and you'll also be able to create pipelines to any Google Analytics property.

  • Delete the project the property is linked to

Important:Deleting only the pipeline that uses the property you need is no enough. The whole OWOX BI project must be deleted.

If the project the property you need is linked to is not used or blocked, you can delete the project to unlink the property. If the project is not yours, contact its owner and ask for the deletion.

After the deletion of the project, the Google Analytics property will be automatically unlinked and your pipeline will be activated within 24 hours.

If you don't know to which OWOX BI project the property is linked to, write to us at or in online support chat. We'll help you find the project.

  • Use another Google Analytics property

Create a new pipeline using any other Google Analytics property that is not linked to any OWOX BI project.

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