Connecting data from other ad cost data pipelines

The following article is valid for the Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipelines within the cost data import scheme №2: GA_NATIVE_PLUS_GBQ.

OWOX BI allows calculating the session cost based on the next data:

To import the cost data into CostData_ tables, you should connect the required Ad platform → Google BigQuery pipelines with your Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline. Please see the instructions below.

How to connect the pipelines

1. In your OWOX BI project, navigate to the Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline page:


2. Under the pipeline Settings tab, click Select pipelines:


3. Select the Ad service → Google BigQuery pipelines you want to connect with your Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline:


You can connect an unlimited number of pipelines, but no more than one pipeline per advertising account. If there are two or more pipelines created for the same ad account, you can select only one of them.

4. Click Save changes.

That's it. The cost data collected via the connected Ad service → Google BigQuery pipelines is now recorded into CostData_ tables in Google BigQuery. Then the cost data is automatically uploaded to the session data tables and attributed per session.

Data that had been collected before you connected the pipelines, won't be uploaded to CostData_ tables.
If you need to import historical data, contact us at

Data actualization

During a preset actualization period, OWOX BI updates both data imported to BigQuery via connected pipelines and data uploaded to CostData_ tables. Read more about data actualization in the Ad service → Google BigQuery and Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipelines.

The pipeline connection feature has open beta status. Due to this, some non-critical lags in the pipeline data upload and update are expected.

Historical data update

Updating historical data is a paid on-demand service. If you want to request one, contact Support at

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